UK Division Records

metal, hard rock, punk rock (Newport UK )

UK Division Records

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A new label/distribution has been founded Through a distribution service (in Italy and Worlwide) for other labels, digital distribution and partners like Alkemist Fanatix Europe, Incipit Recordings, Hurricane Shiva Records, Arachnophobia, Tabloidgroup, FlorianPR, Antisocial Studio and many more, UKDIVISION RECORDS will enter the market during this fall with some of the most exciting european’s productions. UKDIVISION RECORDS founded by Luca Quattrin (GF93’s Tourmanager) in Newport (UK) will start the service on September the 1st! The plans are to release some amazing albums (UKDIVISION RECORDS) and to distribute all great productions coming from other labels (UKDIVISION DISTRIBUTION). Magazines, get in touch for advance copies!

Materiale Redazionale

25/05/09 The Crooks: High Society Rock'n'Roll (2008)
11/05/09 Waterwings: Melodrama of unfortunate events (2009)
23/03/09 Normavana: Normavana (2008)
05/01/09 Terremoto: The Eternal Scream (2008)
21/09/08 Neurasthenia: Possessed (2007)
18/09/08 Minkus: Minkus (2007)
21/08/08 Telespallabob: Di rabbia e di vino (2008)
12/04/08 Mater Machina: Compendium Machinery Vibrates (2007)
27/02/08 Illogo: When liquids stay dry (2007)
30/01/08 VitreO: Panda 4 Fun (2007)
25/11/07 Myfashionlove: The Secret Plan of Self Destruction (2007)
18/07/07 Disowned: Emotionally Involved (2007)
10/05/07 Ilid: The Shadow Over Arham (2007)
05/04/07 Back One Out: Helpless (2007)

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